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Parallel Trails is all about family ski holidays and skiing as a family. We are passionate about skiing and families who love to ski. This ski travel website aims to help you enjoy the perfect family ski holiday. It includes tips and advice so families can enjoy skiing holidays in parallel with their children - the team behind Parallel Trails love to ski as a family so we know how good it feels to go skiing with your children. Parallel Trails is an independent ski travel site for the family ski market, offering practical and honest articles on family ski holidays and family skiing. Why don't you join us on our online family snow & mountain adventure. Happy family skiing! © Parallel Trails 2017

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About Us

Ben is an experienced print and broadcast journalist. He's also a fully-trained video journalist. Ben has travelled extensively around the world, reported from the Skiing World Championships and worked a winter season.


Gayle is a mother and primary school teacher. Before embarking on a classroom career, Gayle worked in marketing for a number of travel firms. She's also worked winter and summer seasons in France and Greece.


Sebastian, aged 13, and Oliver, aged 11, are full of honest opinions on what makes the perfect family snow adventure. They have both been awarded their Gold Ecole du Ski Francais alpine badge and are members of the Bowles Ski Racing Club, competing at dry slopes across the London & South East region.

The family skiers behind Parallel Trails...

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